GPS is the shortened form of the navigational method known as Global Positioning System.From sun dials and compasses to maps and atlases, navigation and positioning have always been important pieces of information for a variety of activities. Until GPS was developed the processes of determining navigation and positioning were difficult tasks. GPS is a satellite based navigational system that involves a network of satellites that have been strategically placed in the earth’s orbit. GPS has changed navigation, for the best, and many will benefit from its infinite number of capabilities.

GPS has been used to transport goods from point A to point B, determine the height of the tallest mountain in the world, and even help locate missing persons. GPS is a remarkable system that will increase safety, simplify travel, and increase communication capabilities. GPS is able to track and determine positioning anywhere on the planet.

We started with GPS survey basically used in forestry and mines for small need of navigation and finding coordinates, thereby calculation of areas and many more like in locating health centres, traffic position etc.