Differential GPS (DGPS) was developed to meet the needs of positioning and distance-measuring applications that required higher accuracies than stand-alone Precise Positioning Service (PPS) or Standard Positioning service (SPS) GPS could deliver. DGPS involves the use of a control or reference receiver at a
known location to measure the systematic GPS errors; and, by taking advantage of the spatial correlation of
the errors, the errors can then be removed from the measurement taken by moving or remote receivers
located in the same general vicinity.

At par with industry standard and more precise to say ORSAC guideline, we are equipped with high accuracy R6 DGPS receivers of Trimble make and expert people for carrying out survey.We have surveyed for many clients involved in mining, forestry, power sector and prepared maps thereby authenticating map at ORSAC-the only apex body of Govt. of Odisha for Science & Technology.

We are empanelled under ORSAC for carrying out DGPS/ETS survey.